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Koala - Imagine (Inc. U&K Remixes) CUBA008 - CUBA008R
Release Date : 
31st of May 2004
Available now (on 12" or CD) direct from the Cuba recordings shop.

The next joint from Cuba (CUBA008) comes direct from Moscow, from a live band that have become somewhat of a sensation back home in their native Russia, thanks to 18months of endless touring, and generally doing the rock star thang…

Koala are lead by Muscovites Anatoly Vorontsov and Konstantin Lyubimov, and with their Original Mix of ‘Imagine’ they dip their collective toes into many waters; rock to punk to house and beyond… producing an anthem that is fuelled by a mash-up of electro sounds, heavy power chords, tight drums, and a shimmering, hypnotic keyboard line. A2 is Koala’s full vocal version, the Punkt Vocal Version which starts all ‘MTV unplugged’ stylee, but soon escalates to an all shouting, head bangin’, thrashin’ rock out.

Then it’s over to Finland’s finest; U&K do us the honour of laying down two corkin’ remixes, yet again coming correct for Cuba and displaying their production finesse for all to hear. On Disc One:B1, U&K's 'OneMoreTequila' Remix combines expertly crafted beats, and the crispest of production, to create a funked up house mix that sounds sharp, full of beans and has one funkin’ bouncy b-line.

Kickin’ off Disc Two is U&K's 'V+T' Remix, this time our favourite fins deliver a high-octane prog-house hybrid with big-room feel, and an air of suspense. Starting of on an altogether darker, more driving tip, it builds and builds before breaking out with slammin’ beats, warm synthy bass tones and the familiar synth line. Then it’s back over to Moscow for the remaining two remixes from fellow Muscovites, R:Tem & Boyko. They take ‘Imagine’ on a MUCH rockier excursion - it’s raw, but make no mistake, there is definite musical substance to be found in these mixes (R:Tem & Boyko Dub / R:Tem & Boyko Remix) starting on a dirty, grind through electrotech punk sounds, then letting loose with a deluge of power chords, and then intelligently bringin’ some woozy melodica through… before getting back down to the nitty gritty with somemore guitar!... yeaaah - we fookin’ love it!

Radio Plays:
Andi Durrant - Galaxy 105 - 30/04/04
Koala - Imagine (U&K Mix) Cuba
John Askew - Kiss FM - 10/05/04
Koala - Imagine (U&K OneMoreTequila Mix) Cuba
D:Fuse - XM80 Radio (USA, national) - 28/05/04
Koala - Imagine (Original Mix) Cuba
Tim Davis - TOP Radio (Belgium, national) - 07/05/04
Koala - Imagine (R:Tem & Boyko Dub) Cuba
Koala - Imagine (OneMoreTequila Mix) Cuba

Ben Lost & James Grant - Ministry Radio - 23/03/04
Koala - Imagine (Original Mix) Cuba
Shiloh - Proton Radio - 01/05/04
Koala - Imagine (Cuba)
C.O.F. DJs - Paradox FM - 19/02/04
Koala - Imagine (Original Mix) Cuba

Club Plays:
Clive Henry
Jerry Bonham (Spundae)
Sonny Wharton (Renaissance / Tribal Gathering)
Omid 16B
Rev. Milo Speedwagon (Kiss FM)
Leama (Leama & Moor)
Jon O’Bir (Godskitchen)
Ben Lost
Rowan Blades (Breeder)
Colin Tevendale
Flash Brothers
Steve Parry
Robbie Lowe (Sounds on Sunday - Sydney, Australia)
Greg Benz
Ric Groves (Vibe FM)
Shield (Oxyd)
DJ Electric (Koala) 

DMC Update
DJ Mag - 5/5
iDJ Mag

Online Press:
Resident Advisor - 8/10
Progressive Sounds  9/10

“Really like the original mix of the Koala double pack… One for the terrace DC10, so yeah cheers love it..”
Clive Henry (Peace Division)
“Awesome release! Peak time player - quite possibly your best release to date, and that’s saying something considering the string of amazing music you’ve put out! 10/10”
Jerry Bonham (Spundae)
“Big THANKS for the new Cuba!!! Really impressed with the package on this one - your getting better n’ better (def contender for fave label of the year now I reckon!!!). Am off to Barcelona first thing tomorrow and i know this will go down a treat!!!! Fave mix is B1: U&Ks 'OneMoreTequilla' Remix - f**kin’ awesome!!!! 10/10 and a definite NUMBER 1 in my chart for the next couple of weeks ;o)”
Sonny Wharton (Renaissance / Chibuku / Manumission)
“Really grown on me - Really good!”
Omid 16B
“Good rocker! Proper power chord riffage - should get the festival crowds moving!!”
Rev. Milo Speedwagon (Kiss FM)
“You've struck gold with this one. LOVE the original. Rock sounding trance, great riff. Charting at #1 this week and already featured it for a set which will be on XM Radio nationally. Also dig U&K V+T remix.”
“Oh my god, that V+T mix is f**king amazing!... Their best work to date with clever key changes + great arrangement. Major support. 10/10”
Leama (Leama & Moor)
“Don’t know which of the mixes to play - ALL wicked stuff! 9/10”
Jon O’Bir (Godskitchen)
"Big tune. U&K mix is wicked!"
Ben Lost
“Wicked! So many good tracks happening.”
Rowan Blades (aka Breeder)
“Nice one. Original Mix for me, similar to Cicada productions, nice piece of music - killer bassline! 9/10”
Colin Tevendale
“We love your track on Cuba... this is melodic house music… Best track we"ve listened for ages."
Flash Brothers
“U&K V+T mix is wicked. Will be banging it out, and stocking for 3 Beat. Oh, the onemoretequila mix rocks too... reminds me of old fluke stuff..!”
Steve Parry (3 Beat)
“V+T mix - It's a bomb! It gained a great respone for me on the weekend. An event reviewer for an event I was actually playing at asked me what that tune was just after i dropped it.”
Robbie Lowe (Sounds on Sunday, Australia)
“F**king amazing record bro!!!!!! Totally feeling the original mix of this, f**king massive :) The U&K remix's are fantastic as well... Firmly at the front of my box bro :) Keep em coming...”
Greg Benz
“This kinda Rock/House sound is gonna blow up in ’04. FULL SUPPORT!”
Ric Groves (Vibe FM)
“Love this! Favourite mix is definitely U&K’s ‘V+T’… sounds similar to One Day by Zoo Brazil, and the both mix in seamlessly. Another main room stomper… keep them coming.”
Demi (Deeper Substance)
“This is amazing!”
C.O.F. DJs
“The Cuba gang return with another quality release, with Finland’s U&K on the touch up.”
Marc Roberts (Bugged Out!)
“Atmospheric and effective tune from one of the labels of the moment!”
Shield (Oxyd)
“Koala right in at number 1, and tune of the week on this weeks show.. 10/10”
Michael Paterson
“It’s a bomb, I’m about to play 2 versions of it on the show! This is another phat release for Cuba, I love it!”
Tim Davis (Top Radio, Belgium)

Chart Action:
Sonny Wharton (RENAISSANCE / CHIBUKU) Chart: 16/5/04
1. Koala -'Imagine' [Cuba]
C.O.F. Chart: W/E 16/5/04
1. Koala - Imagine - Cuba TP
Stuart Duncat (CLASH MAG / M8 / JET!) Chart: 17/05/04
2. Koala - Imagine – Cuba
C.O.F. Chart: W/E 9/5/04
1. Koala - Imagine - Cuba TP
Marc Roberts (DJ MAG HYPE CHART): 10/05/04
4. Koala ‘Imagine’ (U&K V+T Mix) Cuba
Flash Brothers Chart: March ‘04
3. Koala \ Imagine \ CUBA
Shiels (OXYD) Chart: 10/05/04
10. Koala “Imagine” (Cuba)
Plastic Fantastic Coolcuts Chart: 11/05/04
11. Koala - Imagine – Cuba


Cuba008 - Disc One:
A1. Original Mix / A2. Punkt Vocal Version
B1. U&K's 'OneMoreTequila' Remix
B2. Imagin-apella

Cuba008R - Disc Two:
A1. U&K's 'V+T' Remix / A2. Dum-Dum-Da-Dum Loop / A3. Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum Loop /B1. R:Tem & Boyko Dub / B2. R:Tem & Boyko Remix



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